These bow-ties are adorable and easy to make! It takes five minutes with a sewing machine, and 20 if you do it by hand. 

If you get minimum cut of fabric at Joann’s (5 inches) You can make THREE of these beauties… for under a dollar!

1. CUT the fabric into one 5”x12” rectangle (13 cm x 30 cm) and one strip around an inch wide (3cm).

2. SEW the long outside edges closed, right sides together, to get a thin tube. Turn inside out.

3. FOLD in half again, and stitch the edges closed. 

4. PIN in the middle, so as to bring everything together. You can make two ridges or three - just make sure that the outside fold folds down.

5. ROLL the thin strip so as to hide the edges.

6. STITCH the strip around the middle with small hand stitches.

You can now put a safety pin or hair clip through the loop; your bowtie is finished, it’s that easy!